Pierre Palaad RN , BSN
CEO and Founder is focused on providing solutions to the essential daily needs of the senior citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. We have a roster of professional, dependable, loving and caring people who are ready to provide you with 22 different kinds of services. Are you looking for a full-time or part-time caregiver? Or a companion to assist you or drive you around? Or someone who can help you move, or organize or declutter your place? Do you need a haircut or get your nails done? Or maybe someone to feed, walk or groom your pet? Are you searching for a handyman to fix something that’s broken? provides you with plenty of options to address your needs. You have the freedom to choose the care provider who you deem is the most qualified and most appropriate one for you.
I have spent my life practicing Nursing and have worked close to 16 years in the Home Health industry. Throughout the years, I have seen the stress and fear of our elderly loved ones without adequate care. The hopelessness and loss of self that stems from depending on someone to take care of their needs at home , how once simple tasks like preparing meals or using the bathroom can become so daunting that they would end up missing meals or having poor personal hygiene because there is simply no one there to help provide for their care needs. Our loved ones deserve better.

It has not been easy for caregivers either, oftentimes being forced to accept job assignments that do not match their “skill“ level or being underpaid for the job they are performing. Even then, caregivers already have enough challenges without considering the traditional lack of flexibility (when, where, and how to do their job) and support (emotional, legal, and more) that have become commonplace in the care industry. Our caregivers deserve better.

We created efindcare to be your solution-oriented platform for giving and receiving care. We recognize that better care can only result from addressing the needs of caregivers and care seekers alike. With all the modern tools and knowledge available to us, care should not be this difficult to give and receive. Our services are focused on bridging this gap; as well as building a robust support system that you can depend on in the face of life's inevitable challenges.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a dependable connection between those looking for care and caregivers that are available and capable of providing that care, ensuring that the services we deliver are accessible, affordable, transparent and solution-oriented allowing both care seekers and caregivers to have a better quality of life.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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