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Interviewing an In-Home Caregiver

Interviewing an In-Home Caregiver
When your loved one needs a little extra support around the house or with their daily tasks, finding just the right in-home caregiver can make everyone’s lives that much easier. This will take meticulous preparation and planning. A caregiving Agency, is the ideal solution to finding high quality and timely care in a pinch.

When looking for the right agency, here are some questions you should keep in mind:

How are caregivers screened?

It is important to know exactly who will be in your loved one’s home. Remember that they will have access to medications, financial papers, and other valuable items and information that can potentially be abused or manipulated. Find out what screening procedures were used before they are hired and during their period of employment.

Are the caregivers bonded?

It is important that the agency has a contingency plan in place for when things go wrong if they do. Since the caregiver will spend a lot of time unsupervised in your loved one’s home, it is important to consider if the agency has insurance to cover anything that may go missing or damaged.

What is the caregiver turnover rate?

Caregiving is a consuming and stressful occupation, and it serves that the senior care industry has some of the highest turnover rates of any occupation. However, too high of a turnover rate, generally over 50%, is not a good sign of the agency’s capacity to provide your loved one with the care they deserve.

What is the agency’s back up plan for when a caregiver is ill?

Caregivers will inevitably face family emergencies and illnesses. One of the primary benefits of using a care agency as opposed to an individual is that an agency will have a replacement ready.

The agency should be able to provide timely care in the face of these inevitable emergencies , know that these things do happen, and are prepared for when they do.

What kind of training do caregivers receive?

The best practices and methods for caregiving are constantly growing and adapting. A caregiving agency will ensure that your primary caregiver is keeping up to date with these changes in order to ensure that your loved one is always receiving the best care possible.

Does the agency require a contract?

Similar to any other type of service, it is imperative to get everything down in writing. Asking for a copy of the contract upfront can give you time to review the fine print. You should also remember to ask for and check references. Sometimes reviews on the internet can be sparse or not dependable, so it is better to hear it straight from people that have personal experience with the agency.

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