Caregiver Services

Care Giver Caring for the elderly

Personal Care

Support and assistance with daily living tasks which otherwise might be difficult or even unsafe for the elderly or a person needing care to perform on their own.

A caregiver can assist with

bathing / shower
brushing teeth
combing hair
light housekeeping
light home repairs
pet care , such as walking / feeding your pets
light laundry
assist with meals
meal planning and preparation
medication reminder
coordinating medication refills
coordinating appointments with doctors
incontinence care / toileting
safety and fall precautions

Transportation and errands

Helps the elderly or person needing help to safely get to where they need to be and accomplish tasks that help them function optimally .
Caregiver transport and errands

A caregiver can drive or take you to

appointments with doctors
dialysis treatment sessions
physical therapy appointments
grocery shopping
pick up your medications at the pharmacy
other social / religious activities
transporting and taking your pets to appointments
Care giver respite service

Respite Services

Temporary care for the elderly and/or person needing care that allows the primary caregiver to rest for a certain period of time and “re- energize” .

A caregiver can

perform daily activities like housekeeping cooking meals, personal care and hygiene
allow mental stimulation or simply provide companionship
coordinate care between family, medical provider and other care providers
provide reports and updates to families

Companion Care

Helping the client live independently at home, for as long as possible, to help improve their quality of life and provide lifestyle support by creating a venue for socialization and having someone they can depend and rely on .
Companion care giver service

A caregiver can

provide medication reminders
read , watch tv , play board games
provide light meal preparation
provide light housekeeping
help with light gardening
plan and accompany you to social activities
accompany you to appointments with doctors
accompany you in grocery shopping
help you with scheduling appointments with doctors and other medical professionals
Hospice care service

Hospice Care

These are special services aimed at providing end of life support and care , not only for a person who is ill and dying but also for their families as they experience this difficult time , its main focus is to make the person as comfortable as possible, ease their pain and other symptoms and to help them live each day as fully as possible.

A caregiver can

provide physical, psychological, and spiritual support during end of life
keep the person needing care comfortable during this process ; small things matter like simply changing their position in bed or using pillows to relieve discomfort to pressure areas
help in trying to control pain and other symptoms so a person can remain as alert and comfortable as possible; provide interventions such as providing hydration or keeping their dried lips moist
provide support and comfort for the affected family during this hard and stressful time

Rehabilitation at home

Designed at helping a person return to a normal, healthy condition usually following an injury, illness, surgery or certain disorders and assist them to maintain optimal health.
Rehabilitation at home care giver service

A caregiver can

provide care at home after being discharged from the hospital or rehab facility
provide care while they are still in the facility or hospital
provide companionship and personal care, assist with personal hygiene, assist with activities of daily living that they are unable to do while still feeling sick, weak and are in recovery phase.
coordinate your care between all care providers to optimize your healing
provide support and help maintain safety at home allowing them to heal faster and regain maximum self sufficiency

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