Team of professional care givers
You rely on your Caregiver to provide for your care and support at home on a wide range of responsibilities either on a daily or "as-needed" basis. Though we would like for them to be around all the time, your Caregiver needs a break, too, in order to recharge and gain a fresh perspective in providing for your care. We encourage you to connect with more than one caregiver registered in our platform to ensure continuing care for you whenever your Caregiver takes a break. Should you need help in finding a replacement Caregiver, we are ready to help you with our FINDBACKUPCARE service which is designed to assure that you have continuity of care all the time.

How it Works

  • After clicking Get FINDBACKUP CARE link below you will be prompted to tell us the city / zip code, type of care, date and time of your job request by filling in the form, paying for the service then send your request.
  • We require a minimum of 7 days to start our search, but regardless of the time frame you give us our staff will do its best to help find you a back up Caregiver, we know how difficult and stressful this can be.
  • We will only refer Caregivers to you that are registered, vetted and have been background checked in our platform.
  • You will need a Careseeker Subscription Plan ( even if you have a Caregiver plan ) in order to exchange information with the Caregivers in our messaging system.
  • Staff will continue to refer available Caregivers but ONLY up to your specified time and date, each request requires separate payments.
  • If you are hiring five or more Caregivers in a month, you may qualify for more discounts, please contact us at to discuss your needs.
  • You pay an initial service fee of $25 to start the service.
  • We have provided you with options to purchase Subscription + Service + Referral fees into bundled services at discounted prices.
  • If you want to change the content of your request and have already paid the service fee you may do so by going to "Contact Us", you may also use "Free Consultation" forms found in About Us, Pricing and FAQ pages and Looking for Advice forms in our Providers Service pages, it will reach our team for follow up.
  • You may use the information you exchange with in our messaging system to create your offer letter or "contract" and discuss rates and services with your Caregiver, please note that though we are here to help you in finding a Caregiver, it will still be ultimately your decision who you want to hire for the job.
  • You can cancel your request at any time and get a FULL REFUND of fees.
  • If our staff is able to provide you with available Caregivers but you decide not to contact any of the Caregivers in our messaging system, get FULL REFUND of fees.
  • If our staff is UNABLE to provide you with any Caregiver, get the FULL REFUND of fees.
  • If you contact any of the Caregivers in our messaging system and exchange personal identifiable information, NO REFUND will be provided and you are billed the entire payment for the service.
  • If you contact any of the Caregivers and decide not to hire any of them get REFUND for any fees paid LESS $15.
  • If you exchange personal identifiable information with more than one Caregiver, you will be billed our standard referral fee of $45.99 or choose FLEX PAY.