Care Pay Tax & Payroll Service

Care Pay Tax & Payroll Specialists
Ensuring that you as the employer/careseeker and caregiver stay compliant and pay your taxes right while providing monitoring and keeping you abreast of tax laws and regulations.

Tips for Tax / Payroll Preparation

Take note of IRS due dates. You can get socked with penalties that can add up quickly if you don’t file your returns. There is no statute of limitations. That means the IRS can generally collect at any time.
File your taxes even if you think you can't pay it by the due date. Options are available to you including payment plans.
For employers (careseekers), consider hiring professional help for accurate payroll processing. It is crucial to remain compliant with federal and state laws. Legislative changes can be complex. You can mitigate risks like lawsuits, fines, and penalties by ensuring compliance.
If you are considered the employer (careseeker), look into purchasing Workers Compensation insurance coverage. It is THE LAW. It covers medical expenses and lost wages that may result from any illness or injury in the workplace so employees can recover without the burden of costs.
Consider hiring a tax professional who is experienced in dealing with tax situations similar to your own, Ask about costs , credentials and their ability to represent you in IRS audits or should questions arise about your tax filing.

Care Pay Services

Computation of total payroll amounts: gross pay, net pay, and payroll tax for caregivers.
Oversee money transfer process between caregiver and careseeker and confirm that all amounts are correct.
Transfer of payroll taxes (State & Federal) electronically by due date.
Preparation and filing of quarterly Payroll tax returns; including annual W-2, W-3, Form 940, quarterly DE-9 statements, DE-9c statements, and Form 941, Form 1099.
HR and customer service support. Labor/employment law questions. Recommendation of procedures for labor disputes.
Answers to clarify questions regarding the payroll process. Handle all IRS and EDD inquires and audits.

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