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The home care industry is known for its share of Liabilities, on the job injuries for caregivers and patients injured during care provision are risks involved that have to be considered and prepared for. We are committed to lessen the risk and avoid costly problems. Contact us. Consultation is always FREE.

Our Insurance Services include

General Liability

Professional Liability

Auto Insurance

Umbrella Coverage

Workers Compensation

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Tips for Insurance coverage

Get the proper coverage right away; consider the risks and higher costs of being uninsured.
Take the time to assess and look at the different policies available to you.
Though you want to save money, a cheaper policy might not give all the protection you need and make it difficult for you to make a claim.
Choose a provider that makes it easy for you to discuss your insurance needs and readily make themselves available to you.
Re- evaluate your insurance coverage on a regular basis. Your situation might have changed and your current insurance coverage might need to be adjusted .

Our Insurance Services

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Workers Compensation Insurance
Umbrella Liability Insurance
For all your other insurance needs, our expert Provider can discuss this with you on a per individual basis.


General Liability Insurance
Professional Liability
Auto Insurance and other insurance needs, please contact our expert Provider for immediate support.
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