Beauty and Hair Salon Services

Seniors go through changes in their physical appearance, these changes are unavoidable but there are things they can do to slow down the changes or help them gain confidence in their appearance. Though they have to take precautions due to Covid-19, simply having their hair and other beauty treatments done can help them feel better about themselves and feel more confident in coping with life’s challenges.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Scheduling a convenient and safe time for your appointment, following Covid-19 infection prevention guidelines.
Providing appropriate hair, make-up, nail and skin treatments.
Providing you with tips on hair styling, make up and skin care.
Providing outlet for socialization and feeling of being “connected “ while maintaining Covid-19 precautions at home or while at place of business.
Providing alternative source of information about the physical changes that occur with aging such as differences in hair, nail and skin appearance.