RCFE, Board & Care facility, Nursing Home Referral / Placement

Elderly in a home with care givers
As Family members age it has become increasingly difficult for them to stay at home by themselves, family members and care givers are also no longer able to provide the care they need at home safely. This can be a difficult time and making a decision can be often times confusing. Senior referral / placement professionals are available to help you make that decision.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Explaining the pros and cons for each kind of facility.
Helping compare the cost and mode of payment associated with each facility.
Arranging visits to a facility in order to meet staff, management and perhaps other residents.
Saving you time and money by providing up to date and useful information that you need to make a decision.
Discussing the different programs, activities and services that are available for each facility.
Helping you narrow down your choices by area, cost and services available.
Acting as a liaison between family members that may be involved in decision-making.
Providing you peace of mind, it is a difficult and important decision and one that you don't have to do alone.