Home Health & Hospice Agency Referral

Home Health and Hospice Care have very distinct differences. Home health care services are designed to help our Seniors overcome an illness and provide services to help them recover, while staying at the comfort of their home. Hospice, is a specialized way of caring for people with terminal illness , its services ensure that they experience a pain free and comfortable death, from a team of compassionate care providers. Which service to take or use is often a hard and difficult decision to make, for the Senior and their families, this is when a referral to Home Health and or Hospice Agency can help.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Providing clear explanation about the benefits and differences between home health care and hospice and how they can help you.
Guiding you about the costs of service and resources to financing that are available.
Explaining the treatments and services available.
Allowing you time to ask questions and clarify any misconceptions you might have about home health and hospice.
Regardless of your decision, a referral will help provide care for you or your loved and help provide social, emotional, clinical and spiritual support.