House Cleaning Services

Seniors have chronic disease conditions and mobility restrictions that prevent them from performing house cleaning and tidying at home. Some repairs are necessary and cannot be ignored because it can be a health hazard and can pose a risk to their safety at home, and may also cause increased anxiety and stress.
Help with Housecleaning can cover a wide range of professional services and may provide anywhere from minor housecleaning to deep cleaning of heavily soiled areas.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Cleaning and disinfecting of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other living areas, including hallways, windows and stairs.
Providing knowledge about basic cleaning tips and home maintenance.
Providing guidance and perform house cleaning services in accordance with Covid-19 infection prevention guidelines.
Providing a clear plan for the house cleaning services and pricing prior to start in order to avoid confusion and problems later on.
Suggesting and making you and our Seniors aware of possible health and safety hazards at home.
Providing a helping hand at home when you need it the most.