Pet-sitting Services

While our Seniors need support and assistance with their daily activities, they also need assistance in taking care of their pets at home or at a pet sitting place of business. They may need help with their pets while they are away, with some Seniors having temporary or even permanent loss of capability to physically / mentally provide for their pets, this can be a source of stress for them since they love their pets and treat them as part of their family.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Pet walking, exercise and pet appointments.
Pet grooming and hygiene.
Administering Medications properly and in a timely manner.
Preparing food and feeding pets with their proper diet, according to owner’s instructions.
Cleaning up and keeping the home clean and secure after pet sitting service is completed.
Informing and communicating with the pet owners of any problem at home or with their pets, they will want to be informed even though they are away.