Physical therapy & Rehabilitation at Home Services

Rehabilitation at home care giver service
Designed at helping a person return to a normal, healthy condition usually following an injury, illness, surgery or certain disorders and assist them to maintain optimal health.
Our Care Providers may help with:
Planning and providing comprehensive rehabilitation services at home such as Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.
Preventing further trips to the hospital or being hospitalized again after an individual had an injury, surgery or decreased mobility.
Provide care at home after being discharged from the hospital or rehab facility.
Provide care while they are still in the facility or hospital.
Provide companionship and personal care, assist with personal hygiene, assist with activities of daily living that they are unable to do while still feeling sick, weak and are in recovery phase.
Coordinate your care between all care providers to optimize your healing.
Provide support and help maintain safety at home allowing them to heal faster and regain maximum self sufficiency.